When East Meets West: Home Decor

When eastern culture marries western culture, it always results in a perfect union of two worlds. Eastern cultures provide a sense of zen that western cultures crave and when the two worlds collide in perfect harmony, it is sure to result in an invigorating aesthetic.

Since its introduction into western culture, feng shui makes a regular appearance in homes both modest and majestic. It helps maintain harmony within the abode, and it allows for more opportunity to have fun with interiors. Mixing up elements and coordinating colors make for endless ways to make your dwelling truly unique.

One thing western interior designers heavily integrate into their vision is feng shui. Feng shui, the Chinese philosophy of living in harmony with your surroundings, is a practice that has now become a building block in American home design. Feng shui reportedly dates back to as early as 4,000 BC, and is said to have relied on astronomy for connection to the universe and people. It its through this connection that people position furniture and feature material elements that each carry significance.

Textures play a key role in both cultures. Metals, like bronze and gold, are an integral part and can be found throughout the home. Simple metal pieces can add the right touch of luxury, making your home feel glamorous. Western decor uses lots of game textures, like fur or feathers, so adding pops of fur is a great way to incorporate the look into your design. These textures compliment each other fabulously so dare to pair metal-inspired pieces with faux furs, feathers or skins. Velvet is also another luxurious material to weave in for an expensive feel–as long as it is featured in small spurts, as too much can be overwhelming.

Bold color is essential to keeping the happy “marriage” of cultures running throughout your home. Deep reds and plums are evident in eastern design so feel free to have fun with color. Arranging a bunch of pillows or accessories that are in the same shade family gives your home a clean yet punchy look.

Prints are also important to eastern decor. Delicate mandala print, for example, adds beautiful dimension to any room. Throw some pops of print in rooms where people will see it, like the living room, dining room, and even the bathroom. It will give your guests lots to feast their eyes on.

The great thing about the current rustic/farmhouse trend in western home interiors is the free use of different kinds of wood. Adding beautifully crafted original or recycled wood pieces gives your home a touch of comfort and depth. Eastern home design lends to this trend very well. Chinese culture, for example, values carved wood and bamboo. By incorporating a rustic-inspired wood piece or bamboo piece is a perfect way to pay homage to both.

There is no better way to bring zen into your home than to bring in actual pieces from nature. Aside from wood, plants and other flora are wonderful additions to any room. The lush green of a potted palm plant or the scent of fresh hydrangeas will liven up your home and senses.

Jade is most often a symbol of wisdom, peace, tranquility and spiritual calm so it is no surprise why it is a necessary piece. With jade, you can go as big or as small as you want–the goal is to make sure it is in a place where it can be seen and energy felt by family and guests. Amber, another popular stone in feng shui, is used to promote health and protect from aches and ailments. When including stones into your home, research the kinds of energies or protections you desire. Not only will these be beautiful statement pieces, they will also help you feel well.

Having a zen palace does not come with a royal price tag either, so have fun and dress up your home. Decorating your home is a task that gives you the chance to personalize it however you wish. It allows you to create the energy, and introduce those who visit to new and intriguing cultures.

Western home design, particularly American, is known for being modern, clean, and sometimes monochromatic. There is no shortage of all black or all white colored kitchens, bathrooms, including appliances, so adding an influence of eastern culture into your home elevates your decor. Also with western interiors comes the concept of minimalism, where less is more. The beauty of feng shui and its eastern roots is that the philosophy itself is seeded in simplicity. Humility and homeostasis are at the core of both cultures, so the mixing of these two cultures makes perfect sense.

When East Meets West: Escort moving from Europe to Las Vegas

Moving from Europe to Las Vegas can be quite an adjustment. Las Vegas is a place where night life is something that you can surely find and enjoy. Las Vegas is a fast paced environment where entertainment is what keeps Las Vegas alive and interesting.

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Las Vegas escorts will actually pick you up at residence and show you a great time. In most cases Las Vegas escorts will pick up the client in a fancy limousine. Escorts in Las Vegas provide their services to both men and women seeking companionship as well as intimacy.

Sometimes older women who are experiencing loneliness will reach out to Las Vegas escorts in hopes of meeting possibly a younger man who can show these ladies a fabulous and unforgettable time.

A typical night out with an escort may involve dinner, a movie or show and many times the night will end with the couple spending the night at a hotel. Escort services are different in the sense that they will investigate all potential clients prior to any date or night on the town with one of their young men or women.

Therefore, the service does look out for the safety of their employees. Which is a good thing to do especially in this day and age. The escort service does have the right to turn a potential client down if they see fit. Using an escort service for the most part is very safe and you will certainly get exactly what you pay for.

Keep in mind, escort services are quite expensive. One night on the town can cost someone a couple thousand dollars depending upon what the client is seeking. Many times after trying an escort service it leads to a long term relationships with clients.

There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed when using an escort service. The escort service will do their best to make certain the client is satisfied with what they paid for.

Escorts in Vegas can be used in order to meet new people. However, you must keep in mind escort services go much further than simply meeting new people. Ultimately you must be prepared for some sex and excitement. Escort services are not used by people simply seeking dinner and hand holding afterward. It is important to understand what exactly is involved when you hook up with an escort service.

The escort service will place a great deal of emphasis on safe sex practices. Safe sexual practices are important especially in this day and age with sexually transmitted diseases (STD’S) and infections.

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If interested in trying an escort service the first step is to find a service within the Las Vegas area. It is common knowledge that Las Vegas has an abundance of escort type services in which too choose from.

Once you find a service of your liking, the service will have someone get in touch with you for a phone screen and interview. The screening process may be quite extensive and the potential client may be asked some very personal and intimate questions.

The escort service will also request one or more recent photos of the client. Once the screening process is complete, the service will need anywhere from a few days up to a week to complete any background checks and other reference checks.

Finally, before any escorting takes place payment is discussed and a price is set which must be paid weather you had an enjoyable evening or not. Remember escorts in Vegas are a dime a dozen. Therefore, it is important to choose an escort service that you feel will meet your needs.

Awesome East Meets West Wedding Ideas

Honoring the east meet west wedding planning, can be extraordinary! It can be an awesome feeling of two cultures, who combine a fusion of glam, texture, music, incredible smells, flowers, and endless memorable moments. Of course, it will be a non-traditional experience, but the idea is like fireworks and a theme of a great love.

Eastern style weddings are rich in culture. For both the man and the women- the day is always surrounded by bright colors, spices, reeds, papyrus, printed garb, luxury linen, pewter or copper dinner wear, colorful tents, inspirational fragrances or perfumes. Sometimes there is also graphic pictures of natural colors and unique designs, to set the right vibe.

An eastern bride attire, must wear a full length Lehenga full skirt, an Odhine veil, and a Choli- which has to be form fitting. An eastern bride seek very hard to find an A-line cut streamlined look, and they must find a long length veil-that has intricately embroidery and is rich in detail, and finally their bridal wear- a Choli that fit’s perfect. With this fashion, she will finish the look off with a pair of jeweled shoes.

The ensemble of an eastern wedding is spiritual, glittery, and whimsical. It’s a delightful experience full of love, and a spectacular eastern touch.

A western style wedding are elegant and always have a theme. Whether it’s a traditional, classic, or complex style wedding- it helps guide the fashion, and the bride and groom wedding desires. Some weddings are fancy, formal, casual, country, Victorian, preppy, casual, and sometimes- they are holiday themed.

When the couples try to incorporate their wedding ideas, sometimes it’s complex, but after they finish taking out most of the guesswork like- the venue, flowers, menu, planning the guest list, ordering the invitations, choosing a photographer/video, favors, bridal and groom wear, bridal party clothes, cake, and the place where they will travel to for their honeymoon- they can relax. Western weddings can be very costly, and no matter how much you try to save money- there is something on your wedding checklist, that you will not take off. There is money factored in for a wedding coordinator, the location of the wedding and the reception, the food, the decorations, the invitations, the attire, the cake, the church decorations, the limo or fancy car, spa treatment, hair, makeup, and so much more. Trying to make your wedding day just the way you want it, takes time and money for the optics of the day to look perfect.

Western style weddings are always tasteful and their ceremonies and receptions are always full of love, laughter, and a guest list- full of people who love to party. They love to make a heart-filled toast, to celebrate with family and friends. The day is a magical day of romance and promises.

When and eastern styled wedding meet a western style wedding, they both bring a symbolic way to celebrate and share love, romance, and the gift of two cultures. The details of both, are critical and charming. Each of them certainly are rich in history and create a unique and diverse atmosphere, for both to enjoy sparking champagne or fine wines. The toast and taste, will be splendid and a wonderful experience to behold. The scene of sunshine during the day and watching the moon, at night is a collusion of allure and love. Both of these world’s are beautiful together and sing the perfect song.

The flavors and the scent of the foods will offer everyone’s pallet- a tasteful delight that will be memorable and fulfilling. There is the always the anticipation of what a menu will consist of at a wedding. We all look forward to the ceremony when the two will say their vows, exchange rings, and end the ceremony with an amazing kiss, but mostly people love to celebrate with a delicious meal and end the wedding celebration with a momentous dance.

The allure of the atmosphere will beckon everyone who attend, to capture and embrace the special moment that the day will bring.

The style of both cultures- will bring a picture perfect frame of a lovely ceremony and onto an ideal reception, location that everyone will feel welcome and the have the desire to celebrate of a world of two cultures.

Let’s face it, the planning of the east meets west is always a list of ideas- of non-traditional selections. It’s checklist is full of inspiration, announcements, special moments, recommendations, bonding, advice, decisions, ethnic styles, and imaginations. It’s a mixture of elegance and simplicity. Both world’s will bring creativity and sheer romance.

Both the east meets west do share some of the same plans- a ceremony, reception, cake, flowers, food, drinks, favors, and a honeymoon- to button up their new life as one. Their new quest for love, romance, and togetherness of east and west dynamics are an expression of ideas.

Same Day Cell Phone Repair in Las Vegas

Einstein Repairs in Las Vegas should be your number one destination spot for having your mobile device repaired. Although the newest Iphone is soon to be released, if your old Iphone, whichever model it may be, has been damaged or become nonfunctional, please do not hesitate to contact a specialist of Einstein Repairs Las Vegas as they will be more than happy to assist you with have your phone repaired. You may be wondering what the point of having your old phone repaired would be as you may be planning on buying the newest one that is soon to be released. However, it is important to remember that older phones can be sold, thus, ultimately giving you a discount on the new phone that you will be purchasing in a way.

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Once you visit fix my phone in Las Vegas, you will be asked to show your phone to the technician who is at the desk. They will then ask you whether you have any password code set on the phone so that they can gain access to the operating system to make the repairs that are necessary. You may also choose to turn off the password code option should you have it set so that entering your phone’s operating system will not be a problem for the technician. At that point in time Fix my Samsung or iphone in Las Vegas will give you a receipt with the quote on it, a time when you can expect to pick up the phone and any other pertinent details that may be valuable for you to know about.

An Iphone screen repair in Las Vegas service is going to perhaps be one of the best services of screen repair jobs that you will be able to find in the entire town, especially for the price that it is offered. Unfortunately, there are many companies that are not providing their customers with screens that are sturdy and made of high quality material when having them put on the phones that they have worked on. Many customers who have had their phones fixed by other shops have said the same things about Samsung screen repair. This is highly evident when someone taps on the screen of Samsung phone that still has its original screen on it and when they tap the screen of a Samsung phone that has the new screen put on it. The new screen that has been put on will have a bit of a plastic feel to it. If the owner of the phone was to flick the screen, they would be able to tell that it has a plastic sound and feel to it. However, when flicking the screen of a Samsung phone with its original screen on it, the owner will be able to feel the difference as it will sound and feel like there is a flicking of glass. After hearing about this, the reader may think as long as there is a protective covering on the phone it should be okay. This is not entirely true as a difference can be noticed when reading on the phone The plastic covering that has been put on as a part of the repair task by a different store will make it difficult to read what is displaying on the phone as it is too thick for the images/texts to be seen clearly. The glass screen that is going to be provided from the fix my phone in Las Vegas service is going to be just as easy to read and see texts/images as it was when the device was originally purchased. This is because the glass is thin enough to where the user of the phone will be able to see the lighted screen with the texts/photos/videos that are shown with clarity.

Although there may be several options available for you to have your phone repaired, it is highly recommended for you to ensure that you pick services from a company that will truly provide you with reliability and carefulness in their procedures. Many customers who have acquired cell phone repair services from other companies have stated that they had ended up experiencing much more problems with their phones than they did prior to sending them into the shop. Why not take your phone to a company that has been well-reputed in the community so that you can essentially have a form of a guarantee of receiving quality service as many people have attested to it? You will probably end up not only saving money, but also a second trip to the shop. They specialize in a myriad of repair tasks and not only the ones that have been mentioned here. They may also be able to provide you with services of app uploads/downloads so that you can get the most out of your device. Such a service may be provided to you free of charge, however, you will need to ask them if such a deal is currently in place. Otherwise, you can still have assurance in knowing that you will be receiving quality services for very low prices. Be sure to let the technician know if you have been having any other problems with the phone you bring in and any others that you, your family members, or friends may have. They may be able to provide you with discounts.

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